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Hey buddy! I am Abishiekh Jain. A student who just completed his twelfth boards (2017) with 80.17% in Science Stream. A programmer made by an insult. A blogger due to LOVE of the people. A writer by heart <3.

Founder of Hackers Den, a technology blog which explains technology in simple English.

Also the Co founder of Speak Out, it’s a blogging event conducted every year in different parts of the country. We conducted our first event in Chennai on 2017.

I am running many online blogs and little online businesses which not many are aware of and am earning sufficiently good to manage my expenses and go along alone. I am running these things to manage myself financially because my main startup Hackers Den which explains technology in simple English is ad free and we don’t serve any advertisement (except some of its sponsored posts, but that cannot be considered as a flowing income).

I am also writing a book which will tell you how to become one from zero. I am a madman, I deleted 30000 words, just because I didn’t like it. I have started it all again.

I am also writing a script for my web series which I wanted to do from a very long time. I hope I complete it.

And some here and there stuffs.

A witted and a sarcastic boy who always uses sarcasm and comes in bad books of everyone and thinks “God Just Why?” and apologizes for it 🙁

A boy who actually eats so less, that he can withstand the whole day with a glass of milk given to him in the morning. A boy who hates to bathe daily. A boy who reads a new book almost every week. A boy who is soon going to launch his book :p . Everyone has seen my soft side, my good side, but when I burst out, I am no less than evil (Only my parents know about this) I am a kind of boy who is devoted to work, but keeps his family above his work.

A boy who was not passionate about his dreams, nor goal oriented, didn’t want to change or innovate something in this world, he had nothing in mind, just study, get good grades, get into some god college, find some good companies, get settled by working 9 to 5 for someone else and no more shit. In short, following the crowd. This kind of boy who never knew no shit about computers, created a successful platform for himself, by just proving his friend wrong.

Quick facts about me – :

  1. I have been in this industry for eight years.
  2. I started learning programming and blogging at the age of 11 because a friend insulted me badly.
  3. I started Hackers Den at the age of 14.
  4. I earned my first income at the age of 16.
  5. Been speaker at the age of 16.
  6. Started two more companies at the age of 17.
  7. Travelled abroad at the age of 18.
  8. Been a Tedx Speaker at the age of 17.
  9. I dropped my engineering college after attending for a month to pursue my online business.
  10. I network with every person sitting in that event. I go and talk with every person sitting in the room.


I am 19 years old :p (as of 2019)

So this is who Abishiekh Jain is, short and crisp bio. You can connect me on Facebook or Twitter or can even call me.

Your DREAM will only be a DREAM if you only DREAM.

- Abishiekh Jain -

Just by calling yourself an ENTREPRENEUR, doesn’t really make you ONE.

- Abishiekh Jain -


"Blogging doesn't require any particular age to start and succeed"

When I see Abisbhiekh Jain, I find above quote perfect. He has achieved a lot in blogging in just age of 17. With his (hard+smart) work, amazing networking skill, cool social media connections and a lot of dedication, he is doing a great work. Abishiekh is always there when you need help. Keep it up buddy????

Nayan Kariya Co Founder at Techies Blog Point

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3years of experience
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Hackers Den

May 10, 2014. This day a big risk taking decision was taken. If I leave the page I worked, I might lose all my readers, followers and almost everything. Thanks to God the decision taken by me was correct and I am doing good now.


Computer Mobile Hacking Tips and Tricks

My first big break after being rejected by 18 pages. This break changed many things for me and created a successful platform for me.


Dropped Out!

Misrimal Navajee Munoth Jain Engineering College

I dropped from college on October 23, 2017. Huge Decision. Want to know why? Navigate to these two links

  1. College is FAILING me :(
  2. Why did I drop?

Graduated from School!

Agarwal Vidyalaya

Completed my schooling successfully at Agarwal Vidyalaya. Securing 91% in tenth boards and 80.17% in twelfth boards. Time for College :p



Online University

Learnt coding from various online sources. I think how would my life be without Codecademy, Github, StackOverflow. Still Learning to code as it is so vast and it cannot be completed at a certain point.



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