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Abishiekh Jain​​​

Hi guys! I am Abishiekh Jain, I am 20 years old. I am a businessperson, writer, speaker, online marketer, trader, investor but not an entrepreneur. I am a college dropout and 2 time TEDx Speaker. BTW, it took me nine years to get my overnight success.


abishiekh jain

Who is Abishiekh Jain?

abishiekh jain

Abishiekh Jain is 20 years old. He is a businessman, writer, online marketer, trader, investor but not an entrepreneur. He is a college dropout and a 2 time TEDx Speaker.

He is the founder of Hackers Den, which is a technology blog which explains technology in simple English and Co-Founder of BLENDnLend which equips youngsters, entrepreneurs, working professionals and startup founders with new ways of career building. 

In addition to that he has worked with several startups and is running many online blogs, online businesses and ventures and making a living out of it.

He is a writer and writes on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Self-Help, Personal Development, Optimism, Positivism, Business, Finance etc. 

He is a public speaker and has spoken at various colleges, universities, schools and events.

You can HIRE Abishiekh Jain for speaking at your college/event too :)  

He runs a YouTube channel with the name Abishiekh Jain.

He is also been featured on various online and offline reputed media publications like The Huffington Post, Deccan Chronicle, Entrepreneur etc. He is also been featured on newspapers as well as offline magazines.

You can find 'Abishiekh Jain' (without quotes) anywhere by searching with the right spelling :p 

I watch TEDx talks a lot. Never knew that I'd be giving not one, but TWO TEDx talks by the age of 19.


I was insulted by a friend of mine and I started with a mindset of proving him wrong but the journey was so enticing that it caught my interest and I accidentally created a successful platform for myself. I educate people through my experience and journey and I am pretty much honest about it. In the world of Social Media where many people fall in the trap of THE GLAMOUR and THE FAKENESS, I act as a catalyst in helping youngsters not falling for the traps laid by the 'gurus'. There is lot of noise and sugarcoating going around social media and I try to clear the illusions which many youngsters still believe and help them be themselves and not get 'dictated' what they have to do in life by those 'gurus'. I don't sugarcoat, I just speak simple hard truths which many people don't like. Amidst the noise, I act as messiah to save people from falling in traps. 

What do I do?

I do numerous things, but I started out with one thing and along the way I ventured out myself in different things. 

  • I am the Founder of Hackers Den, a technology blog which explains technology in simple English.
  • I am the Co-Founder of BLENDnLend where I along with Ashi Singhal (Co-Founder) equip youngsters, working professionals, entrepreneurs, startup founders with new ways of career building.
  • I run lot of other blogs and earn through AdSense.
  • I tried all sorts of online businesses - Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Selling Blogs and Domains- you name it, I might have done it. 
  • I trade in stock market.

That's what I pretty much do.

How can you benefit from me?

No, I don't have any premium courses or webinars or eBooks to SELL YOU, why would I create something which is already OPEN-SOURCE? You are just ONE search away from solving your problems and going from 0 to 10. At least, that's what I did. All those things which I know today is because of Google and YouTube. Everything for free and I didn't buy any course because there are plenty of FREE PREMIUM CONTENT AVAILABLE and all you have to do is read that, implement and learn. That's it.

I am active on Instagram I post a lot of hard-hitting realities and informational content on Instagram.

I will share what I do on Instagram so that you can have a better idea if you want to follow me or not.

  • I post harsh reality with not one ounce of sugar in it. If you are scared by just listening to the truth, if you like 'comforting lies' and not 'unpleasant truths' then you shouldn't follow me ANYWHERE. Because you will be disappointed.
  • I am not a self-proclaimed anything, I am not those GURUS who make premium courses and sell at premium price, in fact I never advertise what I do, I try to keep it low-profile. 
  • I share my experiences and learning in form of posts because I started at the age of 11 and I have nine years of experience. I am a man who has experienced brutal pain and countless deep cuts. Too much for 20 years old to experience and that is why people aged 30-50 agree with my thoughts and youngsters have a tough time to digest the 'TRUTHS'
  • I frequently go LIVE and do AMA sessions (Ask Me Anything) so that I connect with my audience well.
  • I reply to each and every message I receive and that is not just limited to Instagram but any social platforms I am on. You text, I might reply late but you will get a reply for sure.

I started YouTube, although I am not very active on it but I am trying my best to make content for you guys. The main reason why I am not that active on YouTube is because of my work and it becomes tedious for me to shoot, edit and make videos, but I am trying and I hope you guys support me. 

  1. The main reason why I started making YouTube videos is because it is tough for me to explain everything in form of images or text and that is the reason why I started making videos so that I can share my experiences and my learnings more effectively. 
  2. Even on YouTube you will find me speaking on harsh realities and truths of life which many people might not like it.
  3. I make videos on topics like Self-Help, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Business and Finance. So if any of the mentioned topics interests you, then you should definitely watch any video of mine. Also, I sometimes make videos on my life experiences. 

I also write on online publishing platforms such as Quora and Medium.​​​​ Although, I started writing Medium from 2020 but I have been active on Quora for almost three years now. 

  1. Again , I write on hard truths and realities instead of comforting sugarcoated lies. So one point is clear now. don't follow me ANYWHERE, if you can't accept reality or digest truth because you will be disappointed. 
  2. I write on various topics on Quora. I write on Entrepreneurship, Self-Help, Positivity, Optimism,  Motivation and Business. 
  3. I am planning to write on same topics on Medium as well. 

What do people have to say about me?


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abishiekh jain