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abishiekh jain

I get 100s of emails, messages and requests everyday. 

I read every single email and message that comes through. Due to large volume of messages and requests I receive, it takes time for me to respond back but one thing is for sure that none of your queries or messages will go unanswered. 


It's because of you people, I am, what I am today. When I was in my initial years, I used to text people whom I admire with my doubts but none of them replied and I was either ignored or seenzoned, I know how it feels and that is the reason why I reply to each and every message I get. You'll have to wait some time to get a reply, but a reply is guaranteed. 

I share my insights and learning though YouTube videos, Quora answers and Instagram. Most of the messages/queries I receive might already be solved/answered by me in the above platforms. So one quick tip to save yours as well as my time is before asking your query, do a 'quick research' on the above platforms and see if I have already answered your question(or nearby). Kindly go through it and it will help you get your queries resolved much sooner.

There is nothing you need to know before contacting me. 

  1. You have doubts and you need suggestions. You are welcome. 
  2. You watched/consumed my content and wanted to compliment. You are welcome.
  3. You are inspired by my story and want to send me congratulations. You are welcome. 
  4. You just dropped in saying hi. You are welcome.

Use the below contact form to get in touch with me or drop me a message on any social media platforms by searching with right spelling 'abishiekh jain'. I will try my best to reply you at the earliest.