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From College Dropout to 2 TIME TEDx Speaker.
Inspired hundreds of thousands of people by the age of 20
abishiekh jain

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Why Hire Abishiekh Jain

To me speaking isn’t just an act of delivering the words, it is about what imprint I leave on the listener. I Abishiekh Jain, when on stage is neither gloomy nor annoyingly optimistic, not hesitant or afraid to speak about the harsh and brutal realities of life. I believe my signature talk follows a clear methodology and puts forth the facts without any hesitation.

I am not a 'motivational speaker' because I firmly believe 'motivation is a myth' and my values and ideas go beyond motivations, extending to some tough love and reality checks. I perceive how direly important it is for a speaker to go beyond his boundaries and speak about the harsh truths and brutalities that the world and 'gurus' likes to stay silent about. I believe if a writer can write the history with ink then a speaker can make a history with his words.

I have a unique perspective and got exposure of the struggles of life at an early age, and hence I verily understand how to present the picture of life and its different aspects leaving behind a thoughtful, fascinating, inspirational and practical impact on the audience. 

I share 'serious stuff' with a slight tinge of humor in it to keep the audience glued to their seats and thrilled till the end.

P.S.- No two keynotes of mine are same. 

Send me a Speaking Inquiry

If you are organizing an event and you think I might be a good fit for your audience then please fill up the form below and my team will get in touch with you. 

Please note that I charge money for my sessions. I value my time and I value your event's aim and drive. I am not like other speakers (whom I respect dearly) who speak at events to promote themselves or their newly launched product. I don't talk much about myself in any of my speaking sessions.

When I show up, I give more than my best and I stay till the end of the event to interact with attendees (unless it is absolute necessary for me to go)

When you invite me for your events, GET READY for value driven bombs for your audience and not an emotional story. 

As already said I charge a fee for my speaking service and if you are inviting me but you don't have a fee to pay, then pitch it to me in such a way that it brings more value to me as well as your audience.